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Fortress Insurance Company is a regionally focused insurer operating since 2004. Proud of its western roots, Fortress works exclusively with independent insurance brokers in Western Canada striving to build strong, trust-worthy and long-lasting relationships. It is responsive, well capitalized and flexible to serve the specialized needs of their broker partners.

Its insurance products include: property, boiler and machinery, accident and sickness, marine, automobile and fronting services.

Fortress has a flexible underwriting team with quick turnaround times so its brokers can service their clients effectively.

Fortress is well capitalized and focused on providing capacity in Western Canada.

Financial Metrics

  Purchase Price $1.69mm
  Purchase Date May 6, 2019
  WIC Ownership 50%



Insurance Services

Investment Thesis

  • To provide Western with an entry point into the insurance industry from which it intends to develop a business from the ground up.