Scott Tannas


Scott is a leader with strong business acumen and well-developed strategic planning skills. Having achieved great success in founding and growing a business, he is driven to use this experience to work with other great business owners, and helping their businesses grow. In addition to being the CEO at Western, Scott sits on the Board of Directors for each of our associate companies, and is acting CEO at Fortress Insurance Company.

Scott founded Western Financial Group Inc. in 1996 and served as CEO until 2014. Wishing to continue to be involved in Western Canadian business,he started The Western Investment Company of Canada in 2015. Scott’s passion for business extends to a passion for his country, which he serves as an active Senator of Canada since 2013.

From its headquarters in High River, Alberta, Mr. Tannas oversaw the building of Western Financial Group through more than 100 acquisitions, and a number of strategic initiatives. Today, Western Financial Group is a diversified financial services organization with more than $1.5 billion in annual sales. Eighteen-hundred employees provide nearly one million customers with insurance and investment products and services. The company’s network of more than 160 offices stretches across the west from Winnipeg to the pacific coast. On July 1, 2017 Western Financial Group was acquired in a $775 million transaction.

Selected Achievements

  • Founded Western Financial Group as a Junior Capital Pool in 1996.
  • During his tenure, grew Western Financial Group’s stock price by 1,038%.
  • Elected as a “Senator in Waiting” by Albertans in 2012.
  • Appointed by Prime Minister Harper to the Senate of Canada in 2013; continues to serve to the present day.


  • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year in 2003.
  • M.I.T. “Birthing of Giants” Executive Program Graduate (1999 – 2001).
  • Contributor – Verne Harnish’s internationally bestselling business book “Scaling Up”.

Industry Experience

  • CEO and Director of Western Financial Group Inc. (1996 – 2014).
  • Director of Western Financial Group Inc. and its subsidiaries (1996 – 2017).
  • Lead Director of Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc. (RME:TSX) (2013 – present).