Like the western-based companies we invest in and partner with, we operate our business with modesty, hard work and integrity. We value the relationships we build and consider our investors and partners part of our business family.


At Western Investment Company, our goal is to create long-term wealth for our shareholders by building and maintaining a diversified portfolio of successful Western Canadian companies and helping them grow to their full potential.

Our strategy is to acquire significant ownership positions in these businesses by:

  1. Offering “Continuity Capital”.
  1. Providing entrepreneurial friendly oversight using “Pattison Principles” and “Rockefeller Habits”.
  1. Maximizing return to shareholders through a “Western Sensibility” philosophy.

Our experienced management team and distinguished Board of Directors have an established history of building leading companies in Western Canada, and their collective experiences align with Western’s targeted industry verticals. In addition to our diversified skill set in operations, finance and sales, we bring differentiated value to our partners in the following ways:

For Business Owners

  • We can provide access to capital, business development tools, strategic contacts, customer referrals and deep expertise in our chosen industry sectors.
  • Our oversight is entrepreneur friendly and we encourage both current owners and their management teams to continue managing the business.
  • Our experienced team can provide mentorship when and where it’s needed in a collaborative environment; we have a diversified team with skills in operations, finance and sales.
  • Being a public company allows business owners to access a tax deferred rollover, if they choose.
  • We want to own our businesses for a long time; there is no requirement to exit the relationship in five to seven years, compared to traditional private equity firms.

For Investors

  • We provide you with a portfolio of diversified, sustainable, Western Canadian companies.
  • Your investment is supported by a seasoned management team and Board of Directors who have successfully built and managed companies during their careers.
  • Shareholder friendly operating model through a “Western Sensibility” philosophy.

Continuity Capital

  • Fund succession and/or growth for an already successful business.
  • Founder share ownership with unique put/call structure and ‎earnouts.
  • Buy-in program for existing management.
  • Entrepreneur friendly, respectful negotiations.
  • Board of Directors’ seat/voting fairness for owner.

Pattison Principles & Rockefeller Habits

Once we’ve partnered with a company, our management team adheres to the following habits and principles to protect the investment and ensure it grows:

  • Quarterly rhythms/meetings.
  • Industry analysis to support decisions of portfolio companies.
  • Critical number generation/monitoring (KPIs).
  • One year planning with a ten-year BHAG (“Big Hairy Audacious Goal”).
  • Continuing mentoring and education for executives of portfolio companies.
  • Business focus – long-term vision.

Western Sensibility Philosophy

Western Investment Company employs a Western Sensibility philosophy, which is a shareholder friendly operating model that ensures expenses for the company are in line with revenue generated. It also entails:

  • A sustainable but flexible workforce of part-time employees and contractors that expands and contracts on the needs of the company.
  • Directors are compensated through a modest option program.
  • That management fees from our portfolio companies will be used to offset increased G&A over time.